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Art Club will be holding a reception at the Belleview Chamber of Commerce from 5-7 p.m. On June 26th for our artists. Please come and support our local artists with your presence. Refreshments and door prizes will be available.
A special thank you to the following:
The Chamber of Commerce, T.J. Trophies of Ocala, Smith Lake Village Homeowners Association, Don Nottingham and Edward Jones in Belleview for their generous donations to our Children's Exhibition! The award ceremony was on May 19 during City Commissioners meeting.

Our Featured Artist of the Month:
Carol DenticiCarol is originally from Long Island, New York. For the past 25 years she has worked in stained glass. Since she was about four years old, Carol has been working with watercolor painting and graphite drawings, and now is trying her hand at colored pencil and acrylics.Her hobbies are painting gourds, creating cement/stained glass stepping stones, taking care of her garden and her animals, which include two Rat Terriers, a mini Dachshund, a full size Appaloosa horse and a miniature Appaloosa horse. Animals are one of the themes that often pop up in her watercolor paintings, like race horses and jungle animals.
Carol has been a great asset to our club since it's first meeting!

Exploring New Techniques:

Image Transfer
Ever wanted to print or copy a favourite picture onto another piece or paper or card? This simple process makes it easy:
Take the image you want to transfer and get a Canon colour photocopy made; you may need to reverse the image for it to transfer the right way It has to be a Canon photocopy because of the type of ink they use.
Take the photocopy, place it face down on the paper you wish to transfer it to and rub the back of the photocopy with a sponge soaked in a little acetone. Make sure you don't move the photocopy or the target paper while you do this.
The image will transfer from the photocopy to your paper.
Warning. Acetone is not a very nice material to breath so make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area or preferably outside. We braved the elements and did out transfers out doors. You can get acetone from hardware stores. Read the warning labels.

Famous Artist Quotes:
Cy Twombly A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things.
Giorgio Morandi A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing.
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness
Diego Rivera ::: I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
Rousseau, Henri,
Henri Julien Félix Rousseau
known as Le Douanier Rousseau (1844-1910). French painter, the most celebrated of naïve artists.
His nickname refers to the job he held with the Paris Customs Office (1871-93), although he never actually rose to the rank of `Douanier' (Customs Officer). Before this he had served in the army, and he later claimed to have seen service in Mexico, but this story seems to be a product of his imagination. He took up painting as a hobby and accepted early retirement in 1893 so he could devote himself to art.
His character was extraordinarily ingenuous and he suffered much ridicule (although he sometimes interpreted sarcastic remarks literally and took them as praise) as well as enduring great poverty. However, his faith in his own abilities never wavered. He tried to paint in the academic manner of such traditionalist artists as Bouguereau and ©´me, but it was the innocence and charm of his work that won him the admiration of the avant-garde: in 1908 Picasso gave a banquet, half serious half burlesque, in his honor. Rousseau is now best known for his jungle scenes, the first of which is Surprised! (Tropical Storm with a Tiger) (National Gallery, London, 1891) and the last The Dream (MOMA, New York, 1910). These two paintings are works of great imaginative power, in which he showed his extraordinary ability to retain the utter freshness of his vision even when working on a large scale and with loving attention to detail. He claimed such scenes were inspired by his experiences in Mexico, but in fact his sources were illustrated books and visits to the zoo and botanical gardens in Paris. His other work ranges from the jaunty humor of The Football Players (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1908) to the mesmeric, eerie beauty of The Sleeping Gypsy (MOMA, 1897). Rousseau was buried in a pauper's grave, but his greatness began to be widely acknowledged soon after his death.

Focus On:
All About Art-Unique Gift Shop and Gallery-5162 Southeast Abshier Blvd.

(Hwy. 441) Belleview, Florida-352 307-9774
Donna D'Amato-owner/proprietor
: Donna, how long has All About Art been in business?
Donna: Since 2000.

ACB: What kind of place is All About Art?
Donna: We are a co-op of local artists, New Age classes/teachers and a shop that sells stones, clothing, and works of art.
ACB: What is your criteria for artists to be able to sell or exhibit their work here?
Donna: We have a panel of three who look at the sale-ability of a particular piece. However, if you can't fit in to the gallery, we have 'StarvingArtst” shows where you can bring your items to sell.
We really try to take in all aspects of art, greeting cards, clothing and pottery. We want to display all levels and styles of original artwork.
ACB: Can you tell us a little bit about what future events you will be involved in?
Donna: We are planning a children's pottery classes and in the spirit of Independence Day, we will be having a 'Made in America' 10% off discount sale on all items in our shop throughout the month of July. Also, Joy Scroggie will host classes on Organic Gardening, we are also planning a Parapsychology event on the 31st and June 18th, we will be hosting a special fashion show at the Villages.

Exhibition around the Globe

:This time we are going to see Palzzo delle Esposizioni in Rome

Bulgari. From History to Eternity. 125 Years of Italian Jewellery
Curated by Amanda Triossi22 May 2009 - 13 September 2009
Palazzo delle Esposizioni presents a landmark show devoted to the jewellery of Bulgari which marks the 125th anniversary of the opening of the first store in Rome in 1884. It is an event that is extremely significant for Italian decorative arts, in particular, for the history of jewellery, inasmuch as it makes it possible to survey the evolution of European jewellery through the production of one of the leading jewellers in the world.By bringing together nearly five hundred objects created between 1884 and 2009, the exhibition intends to illustrate the origin and success of an absolutely distinctive style and, at the same time, celebrate the extraordinary technical and creative quality of the famous Roman maison.Articulated in chronological and thematic sections in the eight monumental galleries of the piano nobile, the exhibition begins with a display of silver artefact's manufactured by the founder of the firm, Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek silversmith who settled in Rome in 1881. The following section is dedicated to the splendid diamond-set jewels in Art Déco style, which clearly illustrate the success the maison had achieved in the field of jewellery by the 1930s when the second generation of Bulgari, Giorgio and Costantino, succeeded Sotirio in running the firm. The exhibition continues with the most representative examples of the 1940s and 1950s, which were still stylistically influenced by the Parisian jewellery in vogue at the time, and then leads the visitor to the creative turning point of the 1960s. The jewellery here, marked by compact, rounded shapes and an abundant use of coloured gemstones in surprising and unusual combinations, reveals the beginning of a distinctive new style that coincides with the arrival of the third generation of Bulgari, that of Gianni, Nicola and Paolo. The extremely eclectic and original creations of the 1970s, ranging from jewellery evocative of the Indian tradition to that inspired by Pop Art, then develop into the innovative and daring designs of the 1980s and 1990s. The central rotunda of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the visitor's final destination, is entirely dedicated to the most precious and exclusive creations of the new millennium which testify the continuing success of Bulgari, now under the guidance of Francesco Trapani of the fourth generation. Here, a diamond necklace of incomparable beauty and overwhelming economic value represents the most spectacular conclusion possible.The exhibition devotes special attention to some of the most significant themes of the Bulgari style such as: coins mounted in jewellery, serpent motifs, the so-called Tubogas and the BVLGARI logo used as a decorative element. An entire section is dedicated to the Dolce Vita and the company's close ties with the film industry of the 1950s and 1960s. For the first time ever, visitors will be able to admire the spectacular jewels worn by such great film stars as Ingrid Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, as well as other celebrities, along with photographs and film clips. An entire room will be reserved for the extraordinary Bulgari collection belonging to Elizabeth Taylor: enormous emeralds and sapphires in magnificent diamond surrounds characterize the celebrated jewels of her love story with Richard Burton.Approximately two hundred and fifty items in the exhibition are part of the Bulgari Vintage Collection (a retrospective collection not for sale) while the jewels that come from private collections are on display here for the first time.This extraordinary exhibition is complemented by a richly illustrated catalogue of 376 pages, which is available in Italian, English and French.

Introducing Art Services for Artist

Art Business Centre

Welcome to the Internet business with art…We offer works of visual art, folk and in sit art ranging from Slovak to foreign artists, sale of antiques and a wide portfolio of services for our customers (visitors, purchasers) and visual art artists.The business is done by direct sale - merchandise, not by an auctions and conception wise is arranged as a large art salon.Upon a long-time organization and management experience in the area of art, culture and an amount of important foreign contacts and also active marketing, our company promotes artists and their works within countries of EU, Asia, Japan, USA and Canada.

Basic information about the Internet trade of Art Business Centre, ltd company:The Internet trade of Art Business Centre, ltd company is realized by form of sale, not by form of auction.The Internet trade of Art Business Centre, ltd company is conceptually organized as a visual salon of different areas of visual art, in sit and folk art. Apart from these areas the independent sections are antiques and services to customers/purchasers and services to artists.To participate this way of trade can every professional creative artist, author of work, in sit or folk artist, also any natural person or corporate body who is just owner of a work of art, regardless of EU state they come from or work in. To participate this trade can sellers come from other states too.The seller is responsible for the level of work, also for its technical value and property rights to it.The Art Business Centre, Ltd company by this way offers complex range of various artistic areas and their creative sections in one Internet portal to every fan of art.Information, services and offers provided in the Internet domain of Art Business Centre, Ltd company will be progressively extended and filled up according to necessities, interests and offers of creative public, culture institutions and the persons interested in art.

Art Club welcomes new members:

Noreen Floden, Janice Floote,William Marder,Peggy Newsome,Sylvia Richardson,Clay Waldron, Sidney Wechter

Our internationals members: Katarzyna Bednarska, Poland; Aleksander Kednarski Poland

to read more about our artists http://www.artclubbelleview.zoomshare.co/

Businesses exhibitiong art in our area:

Independent Bank 10990 S US Hwy 441 Belleview
Community Bank10131 S US Hwy 441Belleview
Belleview Chamber of Commerce 5301 SE Abshier Blvd. Belleview
Cal's Place11007 SE 66 Ter. Belleview
Blue Water Colon Care and Therapeutic Massage5251 SE 113th St.Belleview
Voice of South Marion5516 SE 113th St.Belleview
Community Links9977 SE 58 Ave. Belleview
B.D Beans Cafe 5148 SE Abshier Blvd. Belleview
Humane Society of Marion County 701 NW 14th Rd.Ocala
Mary Fox Tax & Acounting5608 SE 113th St. Belleview
The Cornerstone Team KellerWilliams RealtySpruce Creek South
Goin' Postal Belleview11787 S US Hwy 441Belleview Solar Trek202 SE 33 Rd. Ave., Unit C Ocala
Belleview City Hall 5343 SE Abshier Blvd Belleview

New businesses:

Liberty Tax Service 5518 SE Abshire Blvd ,BelleviewDon Notthingham &associates 11415 SE 62 Ave, Belleview

Goin' Postal 3535 Se Maricam Road suite#500 Cedar Shores Plaza,OcalaAffortable Conditioners Inc.11797 HWY 441 Belleview ( Almeida Plaza)

In June we changed art in most of the businesses, please, do come to see new exhibitions

Polish women artists living in USA

by Ewa Maria Hunca
Our Art Club of Belleview unites a group of people who represent various fields of fine arts and work with various media - we are painters, graphic artists, photographers and makers of variety of such objects as for instance cards and papier mache artifacts. Our chairman Danela creates unique abstract pictures using bobbing lace technique. We are professionals and amateurs. As is typical for Florida, we have come here from all over the United States. Thus, we represent a substantial amount of experience we can share with each other. But our variety is even larger: some of us represent various ethnic backgrounds like Czech, German, Dutch, Japanese, Polish. We can give first hand information about our old homelands and I find this very appealing.So when Danela asked me to write something about Polish art, I felt very happy and excited.Though, of course, it did not seem an easy task.What to choose? What do you know about Poland?Perhaps you recollect Nicolaus Copernicus and his heliocentric system? When you come to Poland you will be able to visit his beautifully gothic native town of Torun or Cracow , where his Alma Mater, the Jagiellonian University, was founded in 14th century. Or perhaps you saw the film 'Quo Vadis', (about Christians in the ancient Rome of Nero), based on the book written by the Nobel Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz?Well, to let you know about some famous Poles - some ofthem being especially tied to the history of America.Frederich Chopin, Joseph Conrad, Pola Negri, Maria Curie Sklodowska, Kazimer Pulaski, Karol Wojtyla..... But it is much more difficult to find Polish artists being so generally known. Probably only art historians will know who Henryk Rodakowski was - a famous portraitist and a winner of the Paris Salon 1st Class Medal in 1852, and it was just this once that the 1st Class Medal was won by a foreigner (Rodakowski was nominated for this award by Eugene Delacroix himself). Well, perhaps when you visited the Appleton Museum in Ocala you happened to notice an oil by Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski, a representative of the so called Munich School (many Poles studied art either in Paris or in Munich, Dresden and Vienna). Or maybe if you visit South Dakota you will be willing to see there the gigantic mountain sculpture of the Indian Warrior Crazy Horse. In 1939 the Dakota Indian Chief wrote to a Polish sculptor Korczak-Ziolkowski (1908 - 1982), living then in the USA) :" My fellow Chiefs and I would like the White Man to know that the Red Man has also great heroes." and he asked Ziolkowski to curve a sculpture of Crazy Horse in the mountain and the Pole worked on this sculpture for 40 years without any payment and his family is continuing the project.Or maybe when you enter New York galleries you will spot a sculpture by Magdalena Abakanowicz, a contemporary Polish artist who is very famous and asked to exhibit in the most prominent galleries all over the world.But there are really many contemporary Polish artists living in the United States and selling their art with a great success.

I have chosen 3 women artists to whom I have a more personal attitude and they will be the main subject of this essay. The 3 artists are:Joanna Zjawinska in San Francisco - who attracted me years ago when I saw her works for the first time in Poland;Anna Socha VanMatre in Cincinnati http://www.annavanmatre.com/home.html - a daughter of my mother,s school girlfriend;Maja Godlewska in Charlotte, a friend of my friend, both of them teachers at the University in North Carolina. Joanna Zjawinska graduated from the Warsaw School of Architecture in 1972 and then in 1978 from the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy. She moved to San Francisco in 1979 with her husband and started a very successful artistic career there.I have prepared the attachment no 2 so that you can see some of her works but you may also go to Google to see more.I suppose that Zjawinska's works can be an excellent topic for a discussion - How can one sell successfully and to paint more and more - does quantity of work influence its quality ? Of course it can be either way! But is it not a bit disturbing to paint so much and to sell one's works in every possible way so that one painting can be sold as an original, as a print, and as a copy on canvas with paint added to it at the same time? And again, of course nowadays our contact with art is so very often through reproduction - a music record (not in a concert hall), TV (not theatre), an album book (not a piece of art itself). Does it have any implications? If so which? And if you sell so well, do you intend to woo your buyers more and more or the opposite - you tend to be more independent in your art? What I like in Zjawinska's art is mainly her sense of theater and literature (maybe not so many people agree with me - not everybody likes a story in a painting), her ability to create a world of her own but with many literary and artistic references and digressions; hers is the world full of reminiscences of the French Belle Epoque or the world one may perhaps name the Great Gatsby's world. It is also the world of modern fashion and high society magazines, not without a hint of satire. But take a look and decide for yourself.Anna Socha VanMatre is a well known personality in Cincinnati - and she exhibits a lot in New York (right now in the NYC Gallery at49 ) . Critics say that her art is influenced by music - maybe because her husband is a well known musician; he a jazz saxophonist Rick VanMatre.Anna grew up in Cracow and graduated from the Cracow Fine Arts Academy. Her works are usually of enormous sizes, painted on floor. But look for yourself And the last - but not the least - artist to be introduced now - is Maja (Maria) Godlewska , a professor of painting in the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. She was born and educated in the Polish city of Wroclaw and later on studied art in Dublin, Ireland and then lived for a couple of years in West Africa.She is a well known artist in Charlotte (and not only) you can see some of her art http://www.lassitergallery.com/Godlewska/maja0506.htm - critics see in it recollections of nature: trees, clouds, water but often not without a human body.

Question of this month is what Henri Rousseau nick name?
Send answer to artquestion@hotmail.com no later than July 25 and you can winn art work from one of our members. Winner wil be announced in our September e-news letter.
e-mail editor Eileen Slattery

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